Our production methods comprise hot forging, CNC-lathing and other metal-cutting facilities for tapping, milling, drilling/boring and circular grinding. We use thread rolling machines in the production of threads with quality surface finish and high quality.

Working together with certified sub-suppliers we are able to offer you also a wide range of heat treatments, surface treatments and coatings.

We are continuously improving and enhancing our already technically advanced equipment, which along with our regularly trained staff guarantees high precision and top quality.

Our clientele is to be found in the most different business lines:
shipyard, tank. bridge, railway machine and motor construction as well as petrochemistry and off-shore supply. 35-40% of our production is designed for export all over the world (Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, Asia,…)

Our integrated quality management ensures a continous high level production program.

Please contact us and you will receive our quotation within 24-hours.